“You can get into the iptv business world by buying a reseller panel. In the dedicated Watch-TV24 panel you will have different capabilities.”

Learn more about the IPTV Watch-TV24 dedicated panel

Customize your channels or better say the categories you want, and you can easily edit the user line each time the customer requests you to delete or add categories. You can view MAC addresses or lines of different formats in the panel and then create lines.

  • You can help us selling IPTV, The aslo, having a new reseller panel. On reseller panel you can have your own IPTV clients, with all options, fully guaranteed privacy in your business. I mean, you can have your own DNS, and have your own list of clients, your own price list. if you are inrested you can see more details about the reseller service here.
  • About Sub-Reseller Service: To create each sub-reseller you have to pay 10 credits. That these 10 credits will be automatically deducted from your balance. You can offer your sub-resellers different prices. Note that the price list will not change at all. More to explain: You can’t set a price list for your sub-reseller. Only when adding credit. For example, get 1 euro instead of 2 euro.
  • Note that this panel will not expire and will not be lost if you do not use it for a long time.

    How Reseller Plan works?

    First you need to subscribe for plan according the credits you need.

    You need to find your own customers. Here are some tips:

    • You can create a website
    • Send post on online forums
    • Create a social media channel like Instagram
    • Email Marketing
    • You also can find customers locally.

    You can price service for your customers as you want. For example you can send a 1 month line 15$ to your customers.

    Whenever you sold a subscription to your customer, open reseller panel, create a line and send it to your customer.

    You can ask for more credits whenever you need.

    How Credits System works?

    • For example there is 79 Credits in your reseller panel.
    • You sell a 12 months subscription to your customer for 59.99$
    • By creating a 12 months line 1 Credits will be deduct from your panel and 78 credits will remain.
    • You earn 59.99$ and you lose 1 Credits so your profit will be 34.5$ for this account.
    • All Plans includes panel and if you already subscribed for panel, we will add credits to your existing panel.
    • Credits will not expire and it remains lifetime.

    Credit Cost For Reseller

    1 Month = 0.1 Credit
    3 Months = 0.3 Credit
    6 Months = 0.5 Credit
    12 Months = 1 Credit

Become An IPTV Reseller

Start your own business right now and earn money.

Becoming an online reseller is one method of making money at home with Watch-TV24. You are Able to Set Your Own Margins: When you become a reseller, you’re free to set your own margins. You can choose to price your packages anyway you want. Since the cost of our packages is low, you can price your products to ensure your reseller business is profitable. The higher you set your price the more you can make.

Choose Your Add Credit

You can easily top up your reseller account by selecting any of the following options.

IPTV Reseller

Bronze Package Reseller

  • Dashboard Pro
  • 21.5 Credit
  • Support 24/7
  • Credit will not expire
  • Customize Playlist channels
$300 | 8 Credit
IPTV Reseller

Silver Package Reseller

  • Dashboard Pro
  • 20.5 Credit
  • Support 24/7
  • Credit will not expire
  • Customize Playlit channels
$600 | 16 Credit
Best Plan
IPTV Reseller

Gold Package Reseller

  • Dashboard Pro
  • 36.5 Credit
  • Support 24/7
  • Credit will not expire
  • Customize Playlist channels
$1200 | 32 Credit
IPTV Reseller

Platinum Package Reseller

  • Dashboard Pro
  • 79 Credit
  • Support 24/7
  • Credit will not expire
  • Customize Playlist channels
$2000 | 54 Credit

Demo Reseller IPTV Panel

To test the proprietary Watch-TV24 panel much better and select and buy with a much better mindset. You can test the reseller panel with the following specifications. Keep in mind that you cannot create any account inside the demo panel. Refer to the Trial section for a test account.

Username : Watch-TV24
Password : Watch-tv24

Auto Updates

our Services and channels as well as our panel are automatically update once a week

Sales Systems

All sales steps are done automatically. From payment to service delivery. There is no human factor at this page.

Free Support

Our support is available 24 hours a day without any interruption through online chat and ticket creation.


Security of user and service panels is guaranteed by countless proxies.

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